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Tiffany Laws is a graphic artist and calligrapher living in the Portland, OR. area.

In 1989, as a senior in high school in Bellevue, WA., Tiffany took a graphic design class, which quickly became one of her most favorite classes. Tiffany went on to study at a university and spent years in the corporate world.

In 2002, Tiffany officially left an enormous corporation and began a search for her true passion in a more artistic, creative endeavor. Tiffany eventually launched her own business designing greeting cards, stationery and custom invitations. In 2005, her passion of hand lettering and formal instruction in calligraphy began. This passion and her business evolved through the years. After studying many different dying art forms, such as letterpress printing, various bookbinding techniques, chalk art, drawing, watercolor...her artistic passions came full circle with memories of the exciting graphic design class in high school as she chose to pursue digital art.

Tiffany went back to school to study graphic design and seeks to combine graphic and contemporary design along with her artistic talent. She desires to work in graphic design surrounded by others who share a passion and talent to produce creative, imaginative and original design that push boundaries and establish new precedent.

Tiffany's letterpress printer, Clark, has been featured in action on History Channel's American Pickers. Her calligraphy work has been featured in the Washington D.C. Post Office Museum and on her mom's Facebook Timeline.